Gelatos Mist Maker Set

Includes everything you need to create beautiful Gelatoså¨ mists.åÊ Gelatoså¨ are available in dozens of colors which can be used alone or combined to create mists in an infinite array of colors.åÊ Comes with fully illustrated instructions.

Set includes: Palette Knife; 2 Misting Bottles; Drip Dropper; Gelatoså¨ Metallic Color

Palette Knife- The Palette Knife has been used by fine artists for centuries, but is a great tool for blending colors and mixingåÊ Gelatoså¨ with water, Gesso and our other Textural Accents

Drip Dropper- A handy little tool for transferring color mixtures of Gelatoså¨, Aquarelleså¨, paints and inks from the palette to the misting bottle.åÊ Also great for dripping techniques where you drip color mixtures onto your paper and tilt it to let the mixture run

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